The finals have just started!

The part of the tournament, that all of us have been waiting for, has just started. Halls in Vinohrady and Podvinný mlýn are already set up, speakers are at the mics, cameras are ready to capture some unforgettable floorball moments of the final games and teams are getting ready for their time to come!

The first team that will raise the CUP above their head in Vinohrady will be from B04 cafegory and we already know who managed to ge to the finals, 1. FBC Florbal Trenčín and FAT PIPE Florbal Chodov. The final marathon will start at 12:30. Then, the schedule in Vinohrady will continue with B05, G04, B03, B08 and B07 will close the final day.

Podvinný mlýn will host the second half of the final matches including the EL!TE category final at 16:00 where the 1st and 2nd team of group 1 will compete against each other. The final programme will get started at 13:40 with G03, and then B06, B09, G06 and G02.

Come to one of the final halls and help us create proper atmosphere that we can never forget. We are looking forward to see you!