German lion-hearts and Baltic energy. The significant international footprint in MINI category

From the early morning, four modified rinks in Hostivař dictrict belong to the youngest PFC participants. Size 3+1 guarantees neverending action and unforgettable sporting moments till the last whstle. Two days festival attracted some interesting foreign guests. This is the evidence, that floorball is an universal language without limits. 

Tour from Leipzig has about 100 members. Local MFBC has brought girls born in 2008 beside other three squads. Club CEO,  Holger Saß, shares the details: „The partnership with Exesport enable us to play these high level big events. Girls has been established recently, but it is great that they can witness how fast we are supposed to work. Rome was not built in a day. Patience is the key.“ German performance is promising for the future. Their commitment will ovecome all obstacles for sure. 

Players of Lekrings went to conquer the B10 category for the first time. Latvians definitely don´t play as frightened chickens in their group. Mature active approach with lot of passes and an outstanding goalkeeper are nice Saturday surprises. The man behind scene is Pauls Erenbots, experienced national team player who has strong relationship towards the Czech republic. „I keep coming often. I believe that everyone should play in Prague at least once in their lifetime.“

What is curved into the stone is, that upcoming generation has strong and healthy roots. Come and check our hopes. The moment will be even better with cup of delicious coffee from Milovická Nádražka in your hand!